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6 Mei 2023


6 Juli 2023
Semarang Contemporary Art Gallery, Jl. Taman Srigunting, Tanjung Mas, Semarang City, Central Java, Indonesia





A Response to INQUIRIOUS:

Duo Presentation of Ines Katamso

and Alexander Sebastianus

6 May - 6 July 2023

Curated by Ganjar Gumilar


Ines Katamso and Alexander Sebastianus

Perhaps what differentiates us from other beings is our capacity for questioning, as the initial step to our understanding, accumulated gently in our collective history, propelling our advance from small steps to giant leaps of progress. From the simplest question to the most intricate one, layer by layer, the mystery of the earth was gradually unravelled, sparking insights into its nature and providing us with a sense of meaning and direction. Humans are indeed curious creatures.

This nature of questioning and inquiring is the central concern of this exhibition: Inquirious, as the merging of the word ‘inquiry’ and ‘curious,’ showcasing the latest iteration of works from Ines Katamso and Alexander Sebastianus. With each particular context, the artists invite us to their delve into their process and study of understanding the universe while simultaneously reflecting on our relative position toward them.

Through her profoundly personal rhetoric and metaphor, Ines' works explore the intersection between biology, mythology, and individual catharsis. Her pieces delve into the journey of self-discovery and are influenced by both scientific inquiry and mythological archetypes. While Alexander's practice of weaving, his particular way of ‘becoming’, is rooted in his contemplation of time. He sees time as constant and variable, determinant and relative, linear and cyclical. He even suggests the possibility of the intersection of multiple timelines, thus being perpendicular.

What can be emphasized from Ines and Alexander's works is perhaps their particular method of creation: a reflective inquiry, which allows for greater subjectivity and intuition in exploring the interconnects between various things and happenings. This mode of inquiry enables them to arrive at novel and unexpected insights that may not be possible through logical reasoning alone. As such, their works provide an invitation to explore their process, thoughts, and insights more profoundly through dialogues and conversations rather than simply as representations.

Through their respective practices, Ines and Alexander offer unique perspectives on the world, inviting us to question our assumptions and deepen our understanding of ourselves and the world around us. Their works encourage us to engage in our own reflective inquiry and consider how we can incorporate this method into our lives, whether as artists, researchers, or simply curious beings. By doing so, we may arrive at new insights and perspectives, ultimately enriching our understanding of the world and our place within it.

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