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Established in 2001, Semarang Gallery is situated in the heart of Semarang, Indonesia.

Behind such establishment laid the commitment to dedicate the venue as an introduction medium to the artworks of Asian contemporary artists, especially those from Indonesia.

Consistent in the attempts to heighten great appreciation towards arts, the gallery has a well-regarded reputation and simultaneously becoming an alternative indicator of contemporary arts development in Indonesia.

In 2008, the gallery move to a new location, Taman Srigunting Street no 5-6, occupying a cultural heritage in Semarang’s old city. It is an area with the characteristic of the Netherlands colonialism architecture, which is ideal to develop local tourism.

The gallery owner, Chris Dharmawan, a collector and art philanthropy, has an unquestionable opinion that the encounter between human, culture, art and idealism in a single space will always resulting in beauty for the whole complete human life



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