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A.A.G Airlangga alias TuTu was born and raised in Jakarta, Indonesia. As an artist who was born in the early 70s, of course, many things have been recorded and felt. His personal and social life is surrounded by things like animation, history, cartoons, and things that smell like science fiction, allowing him to think broadly and far ahead. He always proceeds methodically, namely by mapping the narrative and his anxiety, research studying the material of a medium, and how to work in an appropriate way to convey his narrative.

For example, in the field of music, not only did he join a band or electronic music group, but he was a Music Director for feature films until he was nominated as The Best OST by the National Indonesian Movie Festival for the film Janji Joni (Kalyanashira, 2005).

Tutu started his career as a conventional Animator, freelance Illustrator, and in 2000 he began to enter the world of Street Art. This is because he is interested in seeing the public's response to his work, so he pursues it. He has participated in many Street Art events and exhibitions, both national and international, so that he has entered into several national and international media and his profile has also been published in several books that have been released internationally. However, the saturation of the uniformity of the Street Art scene made him develop and explore the concept material and visuals more broadly, without leaving the historical component he was passing through.

Tutu's work visualizes the balance between all elements that are not classical geometric rules in general, the elaboration of microscopic forms, the incorporation of different visual techniques, formulated in the style of science fiction and fantasy (Science Fiction) on a medium. In his work, visuals often appear with hidden meanings such as leaving pieces of a puzzle to be solved. 

By bringing geometric abstraction forms and giving a retro yet futuristic

feel, his work seems to open a new world that exists but is not real. Dimensionless space, massless form, non-linear time – something that invites imaginary exploration. Until now he carries Retrofuturistic Deco Realism.



2022 – Grande Experiences x HKWALLS - Street Art Immersive Exhibition :

Melbourne, Indianapolis, Berlin, London, Sao Paolo Brasil

RECENTLY : 2020-2021

2021 – Time Capsule , Group Exhibition, CANS Gallery, Jakarta

2021 – RedT Multiples x HKWALLS – Hong Kong

2020 – Digital Folklore, virtual exhibition (collective) by Kemenparekraf

2019 – AFFORDABLE ART FAIR HK 2019 (Collective), Hong Kong Convention and

Exhibition Centre, Hong Kong

2019 – IDEAFEST 2019 (Collective), Jakarta Convension Center Jakarta

2019 – SUPER ART FEST 2019, Jakarta

2019 – All The Small Things , Cans Gallery

2018 – Affordable Art Fair, (collective) SWL gallery booth, Fotan, Hong Kong

2018 – HK Walls art hub, (collective) Kow Loon, Hong kong

2018 – World Bank IMF Wall of connectivity, (collective) curated by Amir Sidharta &

DGallerie , New York, USA.

2017 – HK walls mural festival, Wong Chuk Hang, Hong kong

2017 – KALIJODO Collaboration mural (collective) for RPTRA Kalijodo, Jakarta

2017 – RPTRA mural program for RPTRA Penggilingan, Cakung, Jakarta

2016 – ART STAGE exhibition, Singapore

2016 – KP STREET Event and Exhibition, Shanghai. China

2016 -- “OFF THE WALL” France x Indonesia Exhibition at Museum Nasional, Jakarta

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