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Radhinal Indra

I was born in 1989 in Bima, Indonesia. Graduated from Bandung Institute of Technology with Graphic Design major. After 4.5 years working as Art director in various companies in Jakarta, decided moved back to Bandung to focus on becoming an artist. My work focus only on one big theme: How human looking up at Celestial Objects and being influenced by it.

Growing up near the shore and surrounded by the fisherman community, as a way of navigating the sea, the wisdom about looking up the moon and stars has become inherited knowledge. Observing how my community rely on watching the moon to decide the best time for fishing, this has been a spark of inspiration for me since childhood. How is it objects which far from earth surface has so much influenced not

just in the scientific way and how nature works, but in a cultural way. From a simple bedtime folklore for kids to National debate about Ramadan, I found the celestial objects always take part in many aspects of human culture.

After all, as someone who live in the equator along with the Southeast Asia region, the Night sky have so many influences in my life and my people, other than just the raising tides by the Fullmoon. And I would like to show that to the world through art; how we people from the shore look up to the sky and being influenced by it.

Radhinal Indra


2020• August, Ketika Bulan Terbelah – RUBANAH artspace, Jakarta

2017• October, Matter’s Matter - Ruci artspace. Jakarta

2016• July, ON N’ON, Arcolabs - space; gallery workshop. Jakarta

2015• August, Sandang-Pangan-Papan, Sayang. Galeri gerilya. Bandung


2022• The New North Star. SEAFocus, Singapore

2021• Hidup Berdampingan Dengan Musuh. Ciputra, Jakarta

2020• July. Resilience Against Corona. OE. Indonesia Ministry of Culture & Education

• September. Closer than they appear. Yavuz Gallery. Singapore

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