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Alexander Sebastianus

Alexander Sebastianus Hartanto (b. 1995) sees ethnographic research as an experiential mode of existence. His works explore the decontextualization of material cultures and how they are perceived, understood and ritualized in practice. For Sebastianus, decolonizing the ontologies of art is to reclaim Sani, a way of living that involves offering, service and search of the unknown. Such a practice leads to a recreation of pilgrimages, sacred spaces and woven cloths, all of which may or may not be archived, documented or shared. In Sani, what is left are remnants and evidence of materials.

A. Sebastianus Hartanto is an artist who achieved the William Daley Award for Excellence in Art History and Craft in 2017. Trained as an apprentice in his grandmother’s hometown in East Java, he mastered the art of weaving, which has become essential in his exploration of visual and material ontology. Currently he works at Rumah Sukkha Citta in Java as an ethnographer and developer of textile crafts.

Alexander Sebastianus


2021• ABDI ALAM pt. 1, at Omah Budoyo, ISA Art and Design | Jogjakarta, Indonesia

2020• Interwoven: A weavers recalling of time, at Art Agenda JKT | Jakarta, Indonesia

2018• Dari (Coming froms), at DMC 103 | Boston, USA


2022• Gallery Benefit : Past. Future. Present, at National Gallery Singapore with Phillips Auction | Singapore

• A Tribute of Heritage, at PIK Pantjoran | Jakarta, Indonesia

2021• Silver Lining, at WISMA 46, ISA Art & Design | Jakarta, Indonesia

• Art Moment Jakarta 2021 | Jakarta, Indonesia

• The Thinking Hand, at Unearth Space | Jakarta, Indonesia

• Maserati x Alexander Sebastianus, at ASHTA District 8 | Jakarta, Indonesia

2020• Humdrum Hum, at ISA Art & Design | Jakarta, Indonesia

• Kala-Masa, at OPPO Art Jakarta 2020, Art Agenda JKT | Jakarta, Indonesia

• Arisan Karya Vol. 1, at Museum MACAN | Jakarta, Indonesia

• RasaSastra: Beginnings curated by Elghandiva Tholkhah at Kalyan Gallery | Jakarta, Indonesia

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